17 October 2005

Communication and Relationships

Relationships are a lot of hard work. Hopefully the willingness to communicate will always exceed the inability to do so. First it is hard to objectively know what one is going thorugh, how and why one is getting affected, then there is this burden of decision as to whether or not to share this discovery and to what extent, and then the final onus of how best to communicate without implicating the listener of an assumed wrong doing/intent. After all, the prime purpose of communication in a relationship is to eliminate alienation and increase proximity. However, it is still a delicate balance since the effort to explain or understand is not entirely free of the risk of being misunderstood.

22 September 2005

Humanity & Perfection

Amazing it is that the struggle to keep humanity alive involves so much of subduing the human nature itself. Knowing that there is an entity that is all-accepting makes it difficult to accept ourselves as creatures with choices. I am confused whether the struggle is to go beyond ourselves or to ascend such heights that there is nothing beyond us.
- Abhishek

Different loves

Love means different things to different people. And hence it is expressed differently as well. We cannot understand other's love as long as we remian ourselves.

Choices in love

The only choice one has that can actually be exercised is that one can choose to give and to love. And that there can be neither guarantees nor demands about recieving in return.

06 September 2005

Which way...?

The willingness to overcome issues that create distances is of greater significance in keeping a relationship together than the ability or inability to find a resolution. It is easy to walk away and not give a darn, but it requires ones all energy, heart and soul to stay put in face of a relationship crisis and be patient until it transforms itself positively rather than change us adversely.

06 May 2005

Unstolable Treasures

No cheating
No stealing,
No selling of
oneself short.
Stand tall and
brave the winds.
No convenience
No comfort
No treasure
No pleasure
Worth losing that
which may be
stolen not...

To love or to be

One cannot possibly love someone.
One can only be love and then all one does is love...

A moment of lifetime love

Spend not a lifetime
with me
'cause you have to.

Be with me
for a moment
in many lifetimes
'cause you wanted to

14 January 2005

What are you willing to die for?

The answer to this question will change over time. As a child you may be willing to die over a toy, as a parent you may be willing to die over a child, as youth you may be willing to die for your love. What is important is to realize the possibility and promise of change.

Why does it matter what you are willing to die for? It matters because this is what drives your life and the decisions and the value system that you will run your life by. It signifies to you what is most important to you in your life. What is important to you in life will change as you change in who you are. Who we are determines what we cherish. And what we cherish and hold dear speaks volumes about who we are.