03 December 2011

Dear World, Listen...

Dear World,

You have given much
You have taken away much
So much I have received
So much has been snatched away.
What you gave, so you took away.

But one thing is my creation
That is not to be had without my consent
And to it you dont have my consent
To it you dont have my compliance
To that you have only my love

My creation is what makes you beautiful
My creation is what makes you go around
My creation is my gift to you
My creation is my gratitude to you
My creation and I are inseparable

In it lies the beauty of the three worlds
In it lies the love of another
In it lies the courage of forbearance
In it lies the truth of sacrifice
In it lies the birth of existence
In it lies the joy of being.

The gift of my smile is eternally yours.
Love love love